YouTube to Launch Subscription Service that Threatens Independent Artists

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The contributions YouTube has provided to the music industry are undeniable, with an open platform for all artists; YouTube has undoubtedly pushed the bar for not only major labels but more importantly independent artists. As success proceeds YouTube are set to introduce a subscription music service that will allow users, at a cost, to watch and listen to music without ads as well download songs to their mobile devices.

Mentioned by the company’s head of content and business operations Robert Kyncl claims the service, rumored to be called ‘YouTube Music Pass’, will launch later in the year however early testing are set to take place. With this in motion, independent labels who do not sign licensing deals are at threat of their artist’s content being blocked which include big names such as Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Jack White and Radiohead. Their videos could be gone “within a matter of days” if they refuse to sign.

With YouTube entering the music subscription market, they will compete against established services such as Spotify, Apple’s Beats Music and Google’s Google Play Music All Access. It is claimed that major record labels Universal, Sony and Warner have already agreed to the newly proposed service with independent labels postponing their confirmation due to inferior and ‘highly unfavorable’ terms.

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