Will Smith and Martin Lawrence Talk Reuniting for ‘Bad Boys for Life’ on ‘Ellen’


It’s been almost 25 years since moviegoers met the Bad Boys Mike and Marcus, and now they’re back for a third go-round.

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, who last teamed up in 2003 for Bad Boys II, visited the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday to talk about the latest installment in the buddy cop franchise, titled Bad Boys For Life.

Reminiscing about their time together on the first two films, the pair of actors and funnymen also marveled at how easy it was to pick back up where they left off.

‘It’s been really special,’ Smith, 51, said. ‘We shot some pieces in Atlanta, and people seeing us together on the street — there’s this really magical thing with Bad Boys.’

Talking about the early days, Martin, 54, recalled that it was actually his sister who initially suggested Will as his costar (at the time, Lawrence was already attached to the property).

‘Five minutes after talking to Will, he got the job,’ Lawrence said next to a smiling Smith.

When Ellen put up a film still from the first film, when both actors were in their 20s, there were audible laughs, as the young and comparatively slight ‘Boys’ in the photograph didn’t look that ‘Bad’ after all.

‘I weighed about 90 pounds right there,’ Martin joked.

The actors, closer to midlife now, also both spoke to Ellen about how they decided to leave the stunts up to the professionals this time around.

‘I gave it a shot,’ Will said. ‘I probably got four days into shooting, and then I was like, “We’re gonna let the young boy do those.”‘

When prompted to discuss the details and plot of the new movie, neither Will nor Martin said much, as there are lots of spoilers even in the synopsis.

Ellen, however, assured viewers that the film ‘opens with a bang.’

Co-starring Vanessa Hudgens, Bad Boys For Life hits theaters on January 17.

Source: dailymail


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