Watch Wale’s Tiny Desk Concert


Wale is the latest artist to rock NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’.

“I was talking to J. Cole about me doing this,’ Wale said as we rode the elevator up to the Tiny Desk. “He told me to just do my thing, but I wish I had more time to work this set out.” Wale’s friend and fellow MC was just one of several people who offered advice on how to approach his appearance for the Tiny Desk Fest. But I reminded him he’s performed with a live band as much as any other rapper we’ve hosted, which seemed to put his mind at ease. Wale arrived eight hours before his scheduled set time and, after just minutes of rehearsal, quickly settled in and shook off any pre-show jitters.”

Watch the footage below.


“Lotus Flower Bomb”
“LoveHate Thing”
“CC White”
“Sexy Lady”
“Sue Me”
“On Chill”


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