Watch Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Quiz Each Other About Their Home and Family


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have shared a recent glimpse into their home life in a new Architectural Digest video, which sees the celebrity husband-and-wife duo quiz each other on all things design. The spouses run down a list of topics centered around their Los Angeles mansion, posing questions to each other about specific rooms, their favorite areas of the house and more.

The questions kicked off with “what habits did you change when we moved in together” and “what’s the one thing you would get rid of if I wasn’t around,” eventually moving into more detailed inquiries about the overall dynamic of their home. West explains how he and Kardashian’s children have had a big impact on solidifying the design of the house, which was created with Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt.

Even music manages to get a subtle nod in the 11-minute clip, as the the couple unanimously picks none other than West’s latest album, Jesus Is King, when asked “If our house had a soundtrack, what it would be?” As West and Kardashian continue to interview each other, they’re interrupted by a special guest at the end who helps out with a few answers of their own. Scroll above to watch the full video now and find out who their favorite house guest is, why they love neutral color palettes and more.

Source: hypebeast


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