Travis Scott’s McDonald’s Meal is Selling Out Due to Overwhelming Demand

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Houston rapper Travis Scott‘s McDonald’s edible collaboration is winning people over from coast to coast. Reports claim the popular meal’s instant success and increasing demand has sparked shortages at multiple restaurants.

According to the latest reports, Cactus Jack’s $6 meal has outperformed industry insiders and McDonald’s own expectations. The burger, fries and soda meal is forcing some fans to have to wait for their nearest restaurants to re-up on ingredients.

The $6 collab meal, which features a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, bacon and lettuce, a medium order of fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite, was scheduled to be available through Oct. 4. The promotion will continue but, starting Sept. 22, to get the Travis Scott Meal for $6 it will have to be ordered through the McDonald’s app. McDonald’s confirmed the supply shortages were due to overwhelming demand, the upcoming promotion shift to app-only and other details outlined in the memo to USA TODAY. (USA Today)

McDonald’s has since confirmed the high demand across social media and joked about expecting locations to sell out due to Scott’s popularity.