Travis Scott Announces Astroworld Festival in 2021

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Festivals, concerts, and pretty much everything in between has been shut down completely this year due to the pandemic. That hasn’t necessarily prevented everyone from performing shows but major artists, specifically, aren’t able to host shows in massive venues. Things haven’t gotten better in America, per se. There are still high numbers of cases coming in daily.

Things could be soon changing, and one might be able to attribute it to the last few days in the news cycle. Festivals could return soon enough, and Travis Scott’s Astroworld Fest has confirmed their return in 2021. In a post shared to the official festival IG page, Travis Scott sent a personal message to fans declaring its return. “See you next year… at Astrofest can’t wait to turn the fuck up,” the notes read, signing off with T. “Stay safe,” he adds.

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The news of the festival’s return could be a positive sign of what summer 2021 could be. Yesterday, Pfizer made a groundbreaking announcement of their promising COVID-19 vaccine which they said was over 90% effective in preliminary trials. If this is true, and enough vaccines could be made in time, we might be able to see more and more festivals get ready for a relaunch next year. If not, Joe Biden said he’d enforce nationwide mask-wearing in public places. So, even without a vaccine, festivals could likely still be hosted with more safety measures in place.