Top 5 Female Artists #OnTheRise

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We all watched as Lil Kim’s career climbed, peaked and ultimately crashed. Presently we are enjoying the ‘Minaj Era.’ Is there room for anyone else to shine as she is? The Azalea’s (Iggy and Azalea Banks) careers are failing in comparison to the chart topping media mogul that is Nicki Minaj. After some digging these are the Top 5 Up and Coming Female rappers who have the potential to take over the game.

5. Gift Uh Gab from Seattle, Washington
With her debuting EP titled ‘Queen La Chiefa,’ Gab has a unique style in comparison to the current main stream female artists. The introduction is that of a scene from Set it Off, playing off of the fact that she has been compared to Queen LaTifah for her old school throw back 90’s vibe. She kills it on tracks such as ‘Orange Skyline,’ the singing on the hook is reminiscent of Wiz Khalifa on ‘Kush and Orange Juice.’ If you are a doobie smoker you will definitely enjoy the Gift Uh Gab.


4. 3DNa’Tee from New Orleans
3DNa’Tee, formerly affiliated with Timbaland, has a raw uncut delivery whose words will hit your ears and cause your skin to tingle. After losing her first record deal once Hurricane Katrina swept through her home state, 3DNa’Tee still has made waves in the industry. Being featured on MTV and in The Source magazine are just a few of her accolades. ‘The Kill’ brings lyrical goose bumps to your arms. By calling herself a Young Oprah, she is adamant about her business and drive. A female Joe Cole, Na’Tee is not only a lyrical genius but fashionable and outside of the box.


3. Lore’l from New Jersey
Previously featured on Love and Hip Hop New York and rumored to be a jump off of Dwayne Wade, Lore’l surprises most with her undistinguishable talent. While her image may be tarnished by the feature on the controversial reality show, her skills are undeniable. More of a main stream artist than the other previously mentioned females, Lore’l dresses to nines and carries one as well. She spits about being a female hustler, but took on a softer tone with ‘Black & Gold’ which features a sung hook. Definitely look out for her in future. While she is not in the same league as Nicki Minaj, categorically and in regards to content they are closely related.


2. NoName Gypsy
An image that is extremely outside of the box and songs filled with strategically placed similes and metaphors, Gypsy is a breath of fresh air. Songs like ‘Paradise’, ‘Hold Me Up’ and ‘Baby’ captivated my ears and heart. Admittedly not from the hood, Gypsy has a carefree delivery and rides the beat uniquely and effortlessly. All of the songs have meaning and a concept that makes you tune in deeper. I definitely fell in love with this artist instantly. Gypsy has a Childish Gambino flow and style.


1. Tink from Chicago
My favorite artist to be featured. Tink is a double whammy with the ability to sing and rap. Her voice is clear and amazing, with range and perfect delivery. Not only does she have talent she uses it well. A soulful style like Jhene Aiko, the ladies will love her realness and edge as she speaks about love, relationships and topics that all women understand. Her most recent single with Jeremih “Don’t Tell Nobody,” will be sure to bump the airwaves this summer. Her mixtape that drop this winter called “Winter Diaries 2” contains tracks that you can smoke to, cook to, make love to and bump to. Tink is at the top of the list because she is at the top of her game, and I look forward to hearing more things from her in the future.



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