TikTok Star Gets Backlash for Claiming Ashanti’s Hit ‘Foolish’ was Her New Song

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Teen influencer Danielle Cohn has more or less made her presence on social media with a lot of controversies and it seems, the TikTok star has found herself in a soup once again.

The teenager, who first garnered online attention by posting lip-syncing videos in 2016, is facing a lot backlash online for claiming a song as hers which originally belonged to the famous singer Ashanti. Cohn was recently online with her fans on the video-sharing app where she played Ashanti’s popular track ‘Foolish’ in the background while dancing to it with a male friend. While sharing the video with her fans, she captioned the 17-second video as, “Make a TikTok to my new song.”

This move angered a lot of Ashanti’s fans and they stormed Twitter slamming Cohn for this cheap move. One fan tweeted, “Please stop quoting this with “iTz a CovEr.” I’m not dumb I know what a cover is. And I never said it wasn’t. She didn’t give Ashanti Credit on TikTok initially, she said “MY NEW SONG.” and she made Merchandise to Sell & Make a Profit off of “Her New Song.” PUHLEASE stfu.”

Expressing anger on the same topic, one fan posted, “Wait… A person claimed they had a new song titled “Foolish”.. and it’s the exact Foolish song Ashanti created??”

Another slammed Cohn saying: “Ashanti starts with A just like African. you have some nerve trying to steal an Ashanti song when you are not African.”

Another fan took to Twitter and stated, “So this girl stole foolish by Ashanti and claimed she was “inspired” by her??? Um she does know she can get sued over copyright infringement right???? And then made a music video..”

The original song, which is rightfully owned by Ashanti, is her debut single from self-titled 2002 debut album. The song stayed at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart for ten weeks.