Surfboard? Shower rod?

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“Surfboard, surfboard” Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” had every female trying out this new sex position, now we have Mimi Faust selling out stores due to her super sturdy shower rod that played the leading role in her infamous sex tape starring boyfriend Nikko Smith. Mimi made her debut as Stevie J’s baby’s mother and on again, off again girlfriend on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

On the next season of LHH you will see the entire sex tape ordeal unfold although in recent interviews you’ll see Mimi denying that she’s even made a sex tape. While every woman in Atlanta is running to Loews searching for the “Mimi shower rod”. Despite everything, what is she really showing every young woman around the world?

She’s embarrassed herself enough last season as she continued to sleep with and try to build a relationship with Stevie J, knowing of his infidelity with his “artist”, in particularly Jocelyn Hernandez, whom he’s now currently dating.

What are most of these reality stars really teaching us? How to be famous for embarrassing yourself by losing your self respect, allowing men to treat you like trash, and showing the entire world your goodies just to remain relevant. Mimi needs to put more energy into raising her child and finding a man that’s more interested in her mind than her body. I feel more sorry for her daughter than I do for her.

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