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‘Squid Game’ Creator Responds to Criticism from LeBron James

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As if Netflix’s Squid Game needed any more free publicity. LeBron James recently made headlines for his critique of the viral show’s controversial ending. James had the following to say about the finale:

“Yeah, I did finish it,” James said. “Yeah, I didn’t like the ending though. I know they start it off with a Season 2, but, like, get on the f—— flight and go see your daughter, bro. Like, what are you doing?”

Squid Game writer/director Hwang Dong-hyuk hit back at LeBron for his negative review of the last episode. Hwang notoriously spent years fighting to get Squid Game made.

Unsurprisingly, he didn’t take too kindly to LeBron’s commentary.

“Have you seen Space Jam 2?” Hwang joked to The Guardian. “LeBron James is cool and can say what he wants. I respect that. I’m very thankful he watched the whole series. But I wouldn’t change my ending. That’s my ending. If he has his own ending that would satisfy him, maybe he could make his own sequel. I’ll check it out and maybe send him a message saying, ‘I liked your whole show, except the ending.’”

By no indication is there any bad blood between Hwang and LeBron. Hwang was asked his thoughts for an interview and he responded with some spice.

Netflix has yet to announce a release date for Squid Game’s second season, which might just sway LeBron’s perception of season one’s conclusion.

LeBron caught wind of Hwang-Dong-hyuk’s comments and responded on Twitter, writing, “This can’t be real right??!! I hope not.”