Snoop Dogg Shares Nipsey Hussle Tribute Song “Nipsey Blue”

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On Friday, August 14th at midnight, Snoop Dogg has released his new track ‘Nipsey Blue‘. The new song is a tribute honouring his late friend Nipsey Hussle. Hence, Snoop Dogg dropped the song the day before what would have been Nipsey Hussle’s 35th birthday.

Snoop confirmed the drop via Instagram on Thursday, sharing a photo of himself wearing all blue, standing next to a massive Nipsey mural.
“A tribute to my neffew Nip comin tomorrow #nipseyblue” he captioned the post.

Snoop Dogg and Nipsey Hussle featured on a number of songs together. Among the pair’s collaborations were: “The Life,” “Upside Down,” “Ice Cream Paint Job (West Coast Remix),” “Snitches Ain’t…,” “Californication,” and “Do the Damn Thang.”

In Spring of 2019, Hussle was fatally gunned down outside of his clothing store Marathon Clothing in South Central Los Angeles. Ever since then, his friends and colleagues have come up to memorialize him. This year, Nipsey Hussle posthumously won Grammy Awards for Best Rap Performance and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

Snoop had released “One Blood, One Cuzz” off his I Wanna Thank Me studio album; the track included the lines: “For God so loved the world he gave us a good Crip/The late, great Neighborhood Nip.” after five months of Hussle’s death.

He told Billboard, “After Nipsey Hussle passed away, a lot of gang members that hadn’t talked in 30, 40 years came together. They really loved each other as friends, but through all the madness and ignorant bullshit they could never get any conversation going,” he said. “It’s like when the [Los Angeles] riots happened in 1992 and we later made The Chronic. That’s what this track is like, the same feeling. I wanted to have a record that can unify people based off of a tragic event that can lead to some positivity and peace. We all need to be together now: Bloods, Crips, black people in general.” Listen to “Nipsey Blue” above.