Pusha T Reveals Kanye West and The Neptunes are Producing Next Album

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It’s hard to follow up an album like DAYTONA.Pusha T‘s third studio album, and first to be released from the Wyoming sessions, was immediately praised upon its release with most people in agreement that it is Pusha T’s best project to date. Kanye West‘s production is perfect for Pusha T’s cocaine-fueled world. Even Push described it as his own Purple Tape. So, where do you go from there?

While Daytona may have been solely produced by Kanye West, Pusha T is also enlisting one of his day-ones to aid in the creation of his next project. During an Instagram Live with Steven Victor, he spilled some details on the project. As of now, there are no features that he’s added on the project but that can always change. He did reveal that Kanye West and The Neptunes are handling all of the production on the project.

“As of right now, it’s only ‘Ye and Pharrell. And Neptunes. I’m sorry. That’s it,” he revealed. “That’s it. Ain’t nothing to talk about. You know I bring the best out. I bring the best out of everybody.”

As Steven Victor hyped up the Pharrell joints, even joking that he had already placed an order for a new car, Pusha T confirmed that Chad Hugo has been heavily involved in the process of the project.

No release date has been set but he’s already told us that we’ll have to wait on greatness.