Paul Pierce Says LeBron James Isn’t a ‘Top 5’ Greatest Player of All Time

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Paul Pierce has his own truth on the greatest five players in NBA history, and LeBron James is not one of them.

Though James, a three-time champion and four-time MVP, is in the running to be the greatest NBA player of all time (a title probably reserved for Michael Jordan), Pierce thinks there are at least five players above LeBron. The argument is a little ridiculous, but Pierce, a retired Boston Celtics star, explained on what grounds he ranks LeBron so low.

“What has LeBron did to build up any organization from the ground? I’m talking about these players, top-5 players. Bill Russell built the organization of Boston, Kareem, Magic, Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kobe, Bird,” Pierce said. “These guys are all-time top 10 players who helped build their organization or continued the tradition.”

Pierce argued that because LeBron didn’t “build up” any one of his organizations, he shouldn’t be considered one of the NBA’s finest — which is weird because LeBron won the Cavaliers their first title in team history.

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