Odell Beckham Jr. Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against Nike Over Breach of Contract

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Odell Beckham Jr. has filed a lawsuit against Nike, claiming the brand worked against him to try to prevent him from leaving the brand for more money.

The lawsuit, as obtained by TMZ Sports, alleges that Nike put together a contract designed to withhold millions from Beckham after he nearly left for Adidas in 2017. Nike allegedly used its right to match the contract with Adidas, but used fine print and technicalities to include extensions and extra payments that Beckham was unlikely to reach, thus making the contracts not truly equal.

Beckham alleges that Nike withheld the majority of a $2.6 million payment he was due in March 2022, with the company claiming he altered their footwear and gloves without permission. Beckham says he did this because Nike failed to get him new cleats that matched with the colors of the Los Angeles Rams after he signed with the team. Beckham claims the brand’s shady dealings cost him as much as $20 million.

“Throughout our partnership, I have kept my promise and fulfilled my obligations to the brand. I am extremely disappointed that I’ve had to take these measures to ensure Nike fulfills their obligations and promises,” Beckham said in a statement.