Nicki Minaj’s Pills and Potions video review

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Video/ advertisement/ playboy ad of the year goes tooooo Nicki Minaj!!! So did anyone else view Nicki Minaj’s new music video “Pills and Potions” and think the same thing? I loved the graphics used, it kind of reminds me of the Busta Rhymes ft Janet Jackson video from the 1990’s “What’s it gonna be” only because of the silver liquid futuristic substance shown in certain scenes throughout certain scenes. Nicki’s video features the beats by Dre pill speakers and her perfume. Let’s not forget about her lovely co star in the video, The Game, flaunting his body and body art. The video has nothing to do with the song. So if you love seeing Nicki Minaj advertise herself and products while listening to her rap and sing I suggest you watch this video, you’ll love it!

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