Nicki Minaj Releases ‘Super Freaky Girl (Roman Remix)’ with New Verse

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Roman is back.

Nicki Minaj revives her alter ego on the official “Roman Remix” to her single “Super Freaky Girl.” The extended version is a minute longer than the original and features a new verse on which she shouts out Drake and Lil Wayne.

“Don’t play with Nicki ’cause it could get tricky / And that’s word to Dricki / Bitch, it could get sticky,” she raps over the Rick James sample. “And that’s word to the Dwayne Michael Carter / I’ma finish these dumb bitches, Michael Myers.”

She also takes shots at the competition. “Don’t nobody wanna hear that weak shit, ho / In the game, 15, ain’t peak yet, ho / Tell that goofy get a chair, she was cocky, I could swear / Till my old tape sold more than your album, drop a tear.”