New Exclusive Interview with @Skyzoo

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DFM: How’s everything been for you lately?

SKYZOO: Pretty good, just promoting the upcoming release of Barrel Brothers with Torae. Busy but in a good way.

DFM: You have traveled a lot since you started out, what has been one of your memorable moments on the road?

SKYZOO: For me, the moments are when the crowd of non English speakers is going crazy and doing their best to recite everything word for word. Those are the moments for me. I love Europe. Places Berlin and London and Paris are amazing. And South Africa as well.

DFM: Being a artist known for lyrics, do you feel like the importance lyricism is back in today’s hip-hop?

SKYZOO: I definitely see it coming back into place. You see artists, be it mainstream, underground, or whatever else, all pushing the pen forward. Not everyone but a good amount. Guys like Drake and Wale and Kendrick who are on the radio all day are putting lyricism at the front of the market and that’s always a great thing.

DFM: How has your up bringing helped you throughout your career?

SKYZOO: My upbringing has been crucial for me because it made me who I am and shapes me in my day to day dealings within the industry. The way I carry myself, stand tall, do business, etc is all a testament to how I came up.

DFM: Are you into gaming at all? And if so what are some video games you like to play when you have free time?

SKYZOO: I’m somewhat into gaming. I’m into basketball games, boxing games and the Street Fighter/Capcom series’. That’s pretty much the gist of what I play.

DFM: You started your own label FGR (First Generation Rich) any upcoming projects we should expect from your label mates?

SKYZOO: Absolutely. FGR is something I’m extremely excited about. As much as I love being an artist I also love being behind the scenes and helping people craft great projects. FGR gives me the opportunity to do that. And it’s mine 100% which is the best part. I’m still fleshing out the label but I’ll be revealing names soon for sure.

DFM: You have released some classic projects over the years from The Great Debater, The Salvation and A Dream Deferred, out of those three what was your favorite to work on? And why?

SKYZOO: They all hold a certain nostalgic value to me personally because they bring back moments in time. A Dream Deferred was great to work on though because I was experimenting with adding lots of strings and live horns and instrumentation, which is where my excitement peaks at. So I guess i’d have to go with ADD.

DFM: What inspires you to keep creating music?

SKYZOO: The love of music is what continuously inspires me. I truly love making music and sharing it, watching people relate to it, etc. That’s what pushes me daily.

DFM: What would be your dream collaboration with any rapper or producer? And Why?

SKYZOO: Rapper wise I’d have to say Nas, Jay, Scarface, people like that. As far as producers I’d say Pharrell, Madlib, and Kanye for starters.

DFM: In what way you feel you separate yourself from other artists?

SKYZOO: I make reality music. Whatever the moment or the reality may be, I make music that reflects my reality, and in turn the realities of others. So that, coupled with the versatility and lyricism I bring to the table, that’s enough right there to stand out above the pack.

DFM: From the start of your career till now, what has been your most challenging situation?

SKYZOO: The challenge is the way the industry is built. The game is so dirty, and when you come in by yourself, no one before you to coach you through it or advise you on how things go, it’s all up in the air. But I’ve been able to maneuver at my own will just fine.

DFM: What advise would you have for inspiring MC’s trying to make a name for themselves in today’s hip-hop industry?

SKYZOO: For up & comers id say to remember that the music business is a business, so the people in position to potentially pull you in the direction you wanna be in are definitely privy to that and only move on that accord. Do it for the love and passion but do it knowing that it’s a business. A rough one at that.

DFM: What’s up next for Skyzoo?
SKYZOO: Next up is the “Barrel Brothers” album with Torae, dropping May 27th online and in stores worldwide. The LP features DJ Premier, !llmind, Jahlil Beats, Black Milk, Blu, Sean Price and more.


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