Motorola’s Moto360 may be priced for only $249

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Motorola 360 was the sexiest smartwatch we’ve seen so far, from the classic rounded face watch and the new Android Wear OS just made for Android wearables, Android Wear is running on Moto360 and on the LG G Watch. We have seen reports that Motorola’s Moto360 may be priced for only $249. Another Gear competitor when it comes to price. The Moto360 is the most waited smartwatch of the year with its elegant and unique design.

With the battle of the smartwatch we can see from many companies that they are competing for it, with the rumored iWatch the smartwatch battle won’t be that easy anymore, anytime Apple can release their iWatch. But with the classy look of the Moto360 I would say that many people will love to wear and get the Moto360.

We still don’t have the final price and specs of the Moto360 but we are expecting that the Moto630 will be unveiled this summer, we aren’t far from seeing another smartwatch from a new maker and will be battling to be called the smartwatch king.

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