Miley Cyrus ‘burglars arrested

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Miley Cyrus robbery suspects have reportedly been taken into custody by police.

Two thieves plundered the 21-year-old pop star’s house last weekend, leaving the premises with a $100,000 Maserati vehicle and a sizeable amount of expensive jewellery.

The luxury car was recovered a few days ago and TMZ is now reporting that authorities have arrested two people in relation to the burglary.

‘Cops ID’d a male and female – both in their 20s – late Thursday morning. The pair was walking on a North Hollywood street and detectives recognised them from the surveillance video,’ the outlet reported.

On Tuesday reports emerged the singer’s Maserati was found by police in Simi Valley, California, a suburb north of Los Angeles.

Sources told TMZ a citizen spotted the car parked on a quiet street and phoned police immediately.

Apparently authorities took the Maserati into their possession to process the vehicle for fingerprints and any other evidence that could provide clues as to who perpetrated the theft.

The stolen jewellery has not yet been uncovered.

This is the second time Miley’s house has been robbed in the last eight months.

Representatives for the pop star have not yet commented on the new burglary reports.

Miley is currently on tour in Europe promoting her Bangerz album. She will be performing in Germany, Switzerland and Italy this weekend.

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