Lil Wayne’s Team Claims They Didn’t Exchange Endorsement for Pardon

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Lil Wayne was almost certainly going to go to prison after pleading guilty to federal charges of having a gun on his private plane as a convicted felon.

Yesterday, Donald Trump pardoned Weezy, sparing him jail. You don’t have to be much of a cynic to think the pardon was in exchange for Wayne co-signing Trump’s controversial Ice Cube-endorsed “Platinum Plan” for the Black community in front of the election.

However, Wayne’s lawyer Bradford Cohen (who also got his other client Kodak Black’s gun sentence commuted) denies Wayne traded an endorsement for a pardon.

While Cohen concedes that the meeting Wayne took with Trump before co-signing Trump’s plan may have helped sway the President to issue the pardon, he claims that was never their intention.

“It never hurts that someone gets a full understanding of an individual when they’re just looking at a piece of paper,” he told The New York Times. “In hindsight, I guess it worked out.” “I think they had a very strong connection,” Cohen continued. “He’s in the entertainment world. He’s got a style that’s similar in terms of the way that he carries himself, and a lot of rappers and people in the industry relate to that.”

Given that still Trump lost the election and Wayne still got sprung for his victimless crime, one could argue it worked out for just about everyone.