Lil Durk Drops Off Video for “Watch Yo Homie”

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Lil Durk is by far one of the most consistent artists in Chicago right now. He’s dropped a project, Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 as well as a deluxe edition months later. On top of that, Durkio’s been sharing visuals back to back and constantly teasing music on Instagram Live. For someone who’s been in the game for damn near a decade, we’ve gotten to see him grow into this amazing artist with much longevity. With that being said, he shares the “Watch Yo Homie” music video today.

The song arrives off of his deluxe project and is produced by Tre Gilliam. “I’m just tryna heat the crib up with the stove lights / I’m just reminiscing ’bout my old life / We was running ’round them streets in the cold nights,” he raps. Check out the video above.