LG with the new LG G 3

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Another G from LG

LG surprised everyone when they unveiled their LG G Pro 2 with amazing specifications and unique built quality that made them back in the Smartphone world. Now LG is out again to release a new LG lineup that will replace their LG G Pro 2.


LG is well known for their top specifications, great camera and unique and innovative take on built quality with the Rear keys on their LG G 2 and LG G Pro 2, now they are ready again to dominate the Smartphone world. With the LG G3, LG need to keep everything in order with the top mobile companies that are really in the game when it comes to Smartphone innovation.

@evleaks : LG G3, fingerprint-magnet no more



What do we expect with the G 3

LG G 3 will come with 5.5 QHD with 2560 x 1440 display taking up the phablet line and will compete with other phablet Smartphones like Samsung’s Note 3. We even got leaked photos and specifications listed on a paper listing about the 5.5QHD screen, 2014 will be the year of selfies so LG is giving us the Gesture palm selfie but we don’t know what that thing does, with 3000Mah removable, LG will give us the G 3 with a removable back but with the all metal finish around it. The G3 will give us 13MP IOS+ camera, with 2GB/3GB variant with another 16GB and 32GB variant but the most interesting leak of all is the 2 TB Memory that we are getting from the G3. We’re still unsure about other specifications but we will update you will the latest G3 rumors.


When will LG release the G 3?

The G3 is said to be unveiled on May 27, LG is holding its event in New York, San Francisco, London, Istanbul, Seoul and Singapore.

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