LG G Watch Specs, Price & Release Date

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Smartwatches are gaining popularity every single day and we’ve got smartwatches from different mobile companies and other companies, like the Pebble Steel, Samsung Gear 2, Gear Neo, Gear Fit, the rumored Moto 360 smartwatch and the rumored Apple iWatch and many more.

We’ve seen the new LG G watch that debut on the promotional video of Google for their Android Wear OS that is made for your wrist, we’ve seen the watch and supports the normal squared face watch with metal body, it is compatible with Android only with the reason of Android Wear OS, voice activation just say “Ok Google” that we can see and use with Android devices, with the promising Single charge and waterproof capability. Reports say that the LG G watch will be released in July, reports say that we can expect the G Watch in $199 price range. We don’t have the full specs but we will make a follow up for the latest rumors of the LG G Watch.

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