Kodak Black Deletes Tweet Pledging $1 Million If Trump Pardoned Him

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During the last days of his presidency, Donald Trump pardoned one hundred and forty-three prisoners; rapper Kodak Black was one of them, but he’s now deleted a suspicious tweet.

Despite his successful career, the rapper has had many issues with the legal system. Black, real name Dieuson Octave, has previously been charged with robbery, battery, false imprisonment of a child and more recently was facing forty-six months in prison for firearms possession.

Trump pardoned Black of this conviction, alongside similar acquittals for Lil Wayne and Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris. Black has now been released from jail and has taken to Twitter to express his thanks and delete some previous tweets.

While Black’s praise of Trump may have been ill-timed considering the former-president incited an act of terror on the Capitol that killed five people, the twenty-three-year-old rapper did delete other tweets about the president. Specifically, tweets apparently about donating to charity if he was released from prison.

Whether Black felt it best to delete the tweet to make it not look like a bribe, or simply didn’t want to spend the money on charity is unclear. However, the attorney of the rapper has leapt to the rapper’s defence.

TMZ, who shared the now-deleted tweet, noted that Kodak’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, responded to people noticing the message:

A statement promising something for something in exchange is not appropriate and although Kodak has always given to charity his whole career and will continue to do charity, not in exchange for anything. Some think this is a story. It isn’t.

Cohen went on to critique reports on the story:

Instead of harping on a young black man and how much charity he does, why don’t we take a look at the amount of charity the writers of these articles do? Last week, Kodak pledged $100k to setting up a scholarship fund in the name of Meadow Pollack. The week before he donated $50k to barstool fund to help small businesses. That’s $150k and he’s been out 5 days.