Kehlani Drops New Song ‘Everybody Business’

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While her album may be delayed, the singer is holding fans over with a brand new song. On “Everybody Business,” the TSNMI songstress keeps her love locked down while trying to drown out the noise.

“I ain’t ever been a half-assed lover / Rather lay out on the train tracks for ya,” she sings. “I hear ever word they talk / Tried not to care at all / I know it’s frontin’ / Don’t know me from nothin’.”

Kehlani also takes it back to the early 2000s, borrowing from Pharrell’s JAY-Z-assisted single “Frontin’.” “I know I can take it all / I know they frontin’ / You know they frontin’, bae, yeah.”

She also delivers a self-directed video (under her alias Hyphy Williams), which was shot at her home during quarantine. It opens with Kehlani Googling herself and hearing people gossip about her relationships. Standing in the backyard with a mic and headphones, she addresses the chatter while headlines appear on screen.

“Everybody Business” follows “Toxic” off Kehlani’s upcoming sophomore album. She was planning to release the project this month, but postponed it due to the pandemic.

She was also supposed to hit the road with Justin Bieber on his “Changes Tour” this May, but the tour has been put on hold.


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