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Kanye West Interviews Pharrell for i-D Magazine

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Pharrell Williams is on the cover of latest issue of i-D magazine, billed The Faith In Chaos Issue for Summer 2020.

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To our surprise, it’s none other than Kanye West who interviews Pharrell (in Miami at the time of interview) over the phone from Wyoming. The two iconic musicians have a frank chat about the present situation with Coronavirus, how it’s going to change how we live & behave, the role of artists, what Kanye is building in Wyming, and much more.

What’s interesting is that Kanye ends up talking much more here than Pharrell but it’s always fascinating to see where ‘Ye’s mind is these days. Below are some excerpts.

I think back to when I was growing up, living in Chicago and all my friends are gangbangers, and then I’d go to the suburbs in the summertime and I’d be known as ‘the black kid’. And at that moment it’s like I related more to what Pharrell was saying in the midst of all the gangsta rap… Oh another thing I wanted to point out, I know I’m going off here, but I want to talk about Virginia and how important Virginia is to black music. People talk about the importance of Detroit, but modern black music is Virginia! From Teddy to Pharrell to Timbaland, and what’s my man from Jodeci? DeVante! Broooo! I cannot even put into words what those gospel chords do to me. They rip me out. And then Pharrell took a punk approach to gospel chords. Pharrell is punk. That’s what that is. When you started using live drums. That moment. Man, you’re one of the best.

Wow. That was quite a compliment, I mean… I’m speechless. But I wasn’t alone, you know? There were so many of us, whether people know us by name or not. And we all realised there were far more archetypes available to us than the media was allowing at that time. We were just like, ‘What about us?’ We’re not in one particular box. We happen to be pluralist. I see you continuing to do the same thing. You’re really the real thing. The real thing. I mean that. You can create something that you’ve seen so clearly in your mind. I think that is essentially the promise of all human experience. Everyone has the ability to tap into that, but some people seem to instinctively already know that innately. I think it’s up to people like yourself, who were gifted with that ability, to remind people that the human spirit is big – and that we meet in flesh, but we also meet in spirit.

Read the full piece via i-D.

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