Here’s the First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite

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Nintendo has announced its new $200 USD Nintendo Switch Lite, a more compact, handheld-only version of the original console that costs about $100 USD less, but with a few missing hardware features. The Lite comes in at 8.2 by 3.6-inches, about 1.2 by 0.4-inches smaller than the original Switch, and 0.21 pounds lighter.

The battery life has been slightly improved bringing it from 6.5 hours to 7. The updated design comes with a few changes like detachable JoyCons, HD rumble, TV Dock compatibility, and IR sensors for motion controls have been removed from the console.

Titles like Super Mario Party depend on some of these features in order to work and cannot be played in Handheld Mode, leaving the only option to play the game on the Lite is in tabletop mode. Even then, since controllers can’t be detached, you’ll need standard JoyCons in order to play it.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is launching September 20 for $199.99 USD in three colors alongside the release of Link’s Awakening. The Pokémon Special Edition will release November 8.

In other gaming news, Microsoft recently obtained a patent for Nintendo Switch-Like Xbox controllers.

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