Gregory and Travis Mcmichael Arrested and Charged for Murder of Ahmaud Arbery

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Gregory and Travis McMichael have been arrested and charged for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, according to the The Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Back in February, Arbery was fatally shot while jogging through a neighborhood near his home in Brunswick, Georgia. According to the New York Times, Arbery was a huge fan of running. As a former high school football player, he would enjoy running outdoors to keep in shape.

On February 23, he jogged past Gregory, who then told his son Travis to get their guns. McMichael and his son took their weapons and jumped into their truck to follow Arbery. He claims that he told the former football star to “stop,” so that he could talk to him. Soon after, there was a struggle over the firearm and Arbery was shot and killed.

In the police report, McMichael argued that Arbery looked like a suspect from a string of robberies that took place in the area. A prosecutor argued that McMichael and his son acted within Georgia’s citizen’s arrest statute. Travis, who held the shotgun, is believed to have acted in self-defense.

On Tuesday (May 5), a district attorney said that a grand jury would decide whether or not to bring charges to McMichael and his son.

Since then, many celebrities have used their platform to demand justice for Arbery and his family.

The McMichael’s were also charged with aggravated assault. They will be booked into the Glynn County Jail. There will be a press conference tomorrow morning at 9 am ET in Brunswick, Georgia.


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