De La Soul Joins Teen Titans Go! in Music-Themed Episode

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A trio of hip hop legends will make a guest appearance on the next episode of Teen Titans Go!

De La Soul will appear on this Saturday’s episode, battling a massive alien monster who has stolen their music — encountering the Titans in the process. The group posted a clip from the episode to their official Twitter, which features the Titans geeking out over their appearance and De La Soul using a massive sonic cannon powered by their lyrics.

The alien acts as a stand-in for Tommy Boy Records, who De La Soul has been locked in a battle with over control of their music — with the latter party even going so far to urge fans not to stream any of their music until the matter is resolved.

Teen Titans Go! is no stranger to musical guests. Over the course of the series, multiple musical artists have appeared on the show — including Cee Lo Green and Fall Out Boy, who appeared during the first The Night Begins To Shine special. Even Weird Al Yankovic appeared, voicing the despotic New God Darkseid. The series will soon launch its own spinoff set in the universe of The Night Begins To Shine.

New episodes of Teen Titans Go air Saturdays at 9 a.m. on Cartoon Network.