Chance the Rapper says he thinks people want him to commit suicide

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Since the release of his debut album The Big Day, many of Chance The Rapper’s fans have clowned him for mentioning numerous times how much he loves his wife. While posting to Twitter today (Aug. 5), the Chicago rapper stated that he believes his fans want him to commit suicide over the matter.

The Chicago rapper also wrote on twitter “That’s not my vibe at all, but i feel the push. And I feel like even more than that, some people want me to feel ashamed. Shame is heavy yo. And feeling shame for something that you were once prideful about is super heavy.”

Chance thanked those in his lives who are genuinely concerned about his well-being. Chano reiterates that despite the backlash he’s received that he has no problem expressing his adoration for his wife. “And the number one thing thats been on my heart and has been reaffirmed in the last week that I’m now 100% sure of is.. That I LOVE my wife,” he wrote.

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