Bobby Shmurda to Release a New Mixtape from Prison

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Bobby Shmurda to release a new mixtape from prison!

Ebro Darden, the Beats 1 radio host, posted yesterday an interview with Fivio Foreign who mentioned that GS9 plans to drop some new music for the new year, which includes new music from Shmurda. Foreign mentioned how he had a conversation with Rowdy Rebel over the phone, in which he said, “[in] two weeks he got some fire coming out. He goin’ craz. And he’s dropping a mixtape.”

Darden asked Foreign to clarify who was dropping the tape, and Foreign confirmed that it was for sure Bobby. “Bobby! He droppin’ a mixtape from jail. Facts, nobody knew that.” There’s no exact date on when this new mixtape will be released for sure, but we are definitely excited to hear something new from the “Hot Ni**a” rapper.

Source: power106

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