Ashanti Announces She’s Now COVID-19 Free

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Ashanti is starting off her new year on a high note.

On Friday, the singer revealed that she and her family are officially COVID-free.

“Feeling grateful,” Ashanti captioned her Instagram announcement. “My parents and I got our negative results back right in time to start off the New Year healthy, happy & loved. Wishing y’all all an Amazing 202WON.”

Ashanti first revealed that she contracted the coronavirus after her Verzuz battle with Keyshia Cole was canceled due to her condition. At the time, Ashanti had just returned to the country from traveling throughout Africa. It was assumed that these travels resulted in her positive test, but Ashanti made it clear that this wasn’t the case.

“To be very, very, very clear — yes I’ve been traveling. Yes I went to Nairobi; I had an amazing time. No, I did not get COVID from traveling. I did not get COVID from being in Africa or anything like that,” Ashanti said during an Instagram Live session in December. “Everyone that I went on the trip with has tested [negative]. They went from country to country; they went to Uganda so they have to continue to get tested. No one tested positive. I did not get it from traveling.”

“I actually got it from a family member when I came home,” she continued. “I came home and I hugged a family member who ended up being positive. I didn’t know he was positive; he didn’t know he was positive, so when he went to get tested, I was like, ‘Oh fuck.’”

Now that Ashanti is COVID-free, she will be fully prepared to take on Keyshia Cole in their highly anticipated Verzuz battle that was rescheduled for Jan. 9.