Ariana Grande Stalker Arrested After Breaking into Her Home on Her Birthday

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Ariana Grande‘s longtime stalker has reportedly been arrested after breaking into the singer’s home.

The event occurred on the ‘One Last Time’ singer’s birthday with TMZ reporting that Aharon Brown was once again arrested on Sunday after allegedly breaking into the singer’s home while she was away. A source told the outlet police showed up and apprehended Brown after Grande’s security alarm was triggered.

Brown currently remains in the custody of police and is pleading not guilty to charges of stalking, burglary, damaging power lines, violation of a court order, and obstruction.

Previously, he was charged with a felony after he pulled up to Grande’s house and threatened her security with a hunting knife.

The news of his latest arrest comes mere days before he was set to turn himself in for violating the restraining order that Grande has on him.