Apple iWatch: What to expect

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We’ve been hearing numerous news from Apple about its wearable device the iWatch. Uncertainly it’s still just rumors, many people are making their own concept of the iWatch making concepts that are amazingly real and making concepts that are just plain unrealistic to happen but in the good side, Apple is reportedly on the process of manufacturing the iWatch and may hit our wrist this year, hopefully.

According to Tim Cook ” We will be getting new categories this year “


Reports say that the iWatch will have 2 sizes ranging from large for men and small to medium for women, the watch will be on the fitness slash fashion side of a kind, making the iWatch anywhere you can wear with casual suit to just running gear. Reports say that the iWatch will be taking the fitness wearable for Apple with the alleged Healthbook app that lets you track your fitness activities; with the iWatch it can track your Blood pressure, Blood sugar, Respiratory rate, Heart rate like the Samsung’s Gear Fit.

The iWatch won’t just be your fitness guide but your fashion partner and most of all it will also serve as your notification center, just like the Pebble. Pebble lets you take a glance what’s on your notifications for new calls, messages, new emails and many more.

A great and realistic concept of Thomas Bogner


Concept of Thomas Bogner that looks like a combined Nike Fuelband with iOS capabilities with its home button.


According to macrumors the specs of the iWatch will be:

  • 1.3/1.5-inch display
  • “Full” iOS
  • Biometrics and other sensors
  • 4-5 day battery life targeted
  • Late 2014 release


We will keep you up to date with the latest rumors rumors about the iWacth from Apple.

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