Apple iOS8 Rumors: What to expect

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iOS was the best software that Apple has released by far with the new interface and new apps that came along with it but are we ready for another software update from Apple? Rumor has it that Apple is ready for the iOS 8, in this article I will give you 4 things we should expect with the brand new OS that Apple will give us.




 Apple Maps


Apple Maps had its ups and downs when the new software was released with false navigation and bugs but with this new software update Apple may be back in the game when it comes to navigation.

Reports say the new maps will be more accurate that ever, with enhanced data making it more reliable again, with new interface and now points labels that will be added like different stations and airports.





iPhone-5C-SiriWe are expecting that Apple will release a new update for Siri, Apple is aware that with its new rival Nokia’s voice assistance Cortana which is still in Beta and the old gamer Google Now that anytime it can surpass Siri but with Siri’s functionality Apple is still in the lead when it comes to voice assistance, with this new update we’re expecting smarter, more functional and way more humor Siri.

 According to reports, Apple wants Siri to be able to interact with many third party apps but we all knew that Siri is capable of opening third party apps up but not all.

 Shazam Music integration for Siri is being rumored as well, this will allow you to ask Siri what song is currently playing without opening the app itself.


Good bye Game Center



We have lots of rumors about iOS 8 with software embedded update to new software but we might be losing the Game Center. According to 9 to 5 Mac the scoring and ranking functionality of the Game Center will be moved inside the games themselves.






Health is wealth for the year 2014, with the huge demand of health fitness accessories and health fitness apps that other third party apps and other mobile companies offer, Apple is in the game to change everything with iOS 8. Apple will be adding the Healthbook to its apps. Healthbook lets you keep track of your steps, calories burned, weight loss, heart rate, respiratory rate and distance traveled.

Apple released the iPhone 5s with built in M7 motion co-processor to track the steps, caloric data, and distance traveled. We are likely to see the Healthbook as a standalone app.

But can the iPhone 5s incorporate the Blood work, Heart Rate, Hydration, Blood pressure and Blood sugar , if not we might see the Apple iWatch that is rumored if not to be released this year but obviously we will see the new Apple iPhone 6 with new sensors that can support all of these.

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