A$AP Rocky Shares Music Video for New Single “Shittin’ Me”

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A$AP Rocky has dropped off “Shittin’ Me,” which appears on the official soundtrack of the newest Need for Speed Unbound video game.

Last week, A$AP Rocky returned with “Shittin’ Me,” his second solo single of 2022 and a track from the soundtrack for the new video game Need for Speed Unbound. It doesn’t feel like a full-fledged comeback for his long-in-the-works project ALL SMILES just yet — the deep, photon torpedo kick drums on “Shittin’ Me” bring me back to “Buck Shots” from 2018’s Testing — but it’s clear Rocky’s having fun. That sensation translates into the song’s music video, out on Monday.

Grin Machine handles the direction of the new visuals, a slurry combining elements from The Wolf of Wall Street, Weekend at Bernie’s, Hype Williams videos, and our impending A.I. hellscape. Rocky starts off in the clip as bossed up as ever, but hangers-on and exhaustion eventually whittle him down to the point where his team is forced to literally prop him up. When that doesn’t work, a 3D printed, uncanny version of Rocky is created, to huge success. Watch above.