21 Savage Responds to Criticism After Purchasing King Von’s Sister A Range Rover

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Following the death of King Von earlier this month, the Savage Mode rapper purchased a Range Rover Sport for his sister. Kayla Bennett showed off her fancy new ride on social media while thanking Savage for his generous gift.

“Von was about to sneak and buy me a car before he passed,” Kayla said. “And look my brother still made sure I got it.”

But social media wasn’t as kind and questioned the motive behind the generous gift, with some even suggesting that Savage purchased the car to get with Kayla.

Taking to Twitter, 21 responded to the “disrespectful” comments while defending his purchase, saying that Von was planning to give his sister the vehicle for her birthday prior to his death.

“I never speak on stuff like this because I don’t do it for the Internet but y’all being disrespectful,” Savage wrote. “I knew kayla before I knew von because she talks to my little brother . Von was already planning on purchasing the gift for her birthday and due to his untimely passing he wasn’t able to finish so all I did was finish what he started because I told kayla when he passed I had her 4L and I meant it.”

He also had a message for those who criticized him. “All the immature comments and speculations surrounding this are very insensitive please keep them too yourself,” he added. “Respect to his family, his children O Block OTF and anybody else I left out… LONG LIVE KING VON !!!”